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Wholesaler of Equipment and accessories for switchboards and electro-installation material

Catalogue sheets

DIRAutomation SystemsFolder
DIRAutomation systems1Folder
DIRControl componentsFolder
DIRControl SwitchingFolder
DIRDigital panel indicatorsFolder
DIRElectromechanical relaysFolder
DIRFiber optic amplifiers and sensorsFolder
DIRFrequency invertersFolder
DIRHuman machine interfaces HMI Folder
DIRInductive sensorsFolder
DIRIndustrial robotsFolder
DIRInspection and Ident systemsFolder
DIRLow voltage switch gearFolder
DIRMeasurement sensorsFolder
DIRMonitoring productsFolder
DIRMotion and DrivesFolder
DIRMotion controllersFolder
DIRMotion DrivesFolder
DIRPhotoelectric sensorsFolder
DIRPhotovoltaic inverterFolder
DIRPLC Remote IOFolder
DIRPower suppliesFolder
DIRProgrammable relaysFolder
DIRPushbutton switchesFolder
DIRQuality control and InspectionFolder
DIRSafety control systemsFolder
DIRSafety limit switchesFolder
DIRSafety sensorsFolder
DIRSensing SafetyFolder
DIRServo systemsFolder
DIRSolid state relaysFolder
DIRSwitching componentsFolder
DIRTemperature controllersFolder
DIRTimers CountersFolder
DIR noneFolder
PDFAutomation.pdf1482 kB
PDFCatalogues.pdf431 kB
PDFComponents.pdf467 kB
PDFD4GL C125 CZ1 01 DS.pdf1765 kB
PDFD4NL C126 CZ1 01 DS.pdf2146 kB
PDFD4N C130 CZ2 01 DS.pdf2374 kB
PDFE2A D03E CZ 01A DS.pdf1106 kB
PDFE3F2 E224 CZ2 02 DS.pdf1937 kB
PDFE3Z E701 CZ2 01 DS.pdf3768 kB
PDFG2RS new J140 CZ1 01 DS.pdf1120 kB
PDFH3CR A L084 C1 1C DS.pdf529 kB
PDFH3DS M S A L098 C1 3 DS.pdf288 kB
PDFH5CX H7CX CZE01 0702 Flayer.pdf443 kB
PDFH5CX L101 CZ1 02 DS.pdf1703 kB
PDFH7CX M070 CZ1 02 DS.pdf2392 kB
PDFH8GN M065 E1 1 CZ DS.pdf1308 kB
PDFHomepage.pdf305 kB
PDFK3MA F N107 CZ1 04 DS.pdf1553 kB
PDFK3MA J N108 CZ1 04 DS.pdf1582 kB
PDFK3MA L N109 CZ1 02 .pdf1282 kB
PDFK3MA CZE01 0702 Flayer.pdf422 kB
PDFKPP.pdf393 kB
PDFL007 E1 10 1 .pdf753 kB
PDFMotion.pdf1617 kB
PDFMSB.pdf377 kB
PDFMY J03E CZ 01A DS.pdf638 kB
PDFPK2004.pdf1230 kB
PDFProductNews.pdf307 kB
PDFS8TS T022 CZ1 03 DS.pdf987 kB
PDFS8VS T026 CZ1 03 DS.pdf1714 kB
PDFSensing.pdf304 kB
PDFTT.pdf335 kB