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IMPORTANT! Minimum for export is 500 EUR or Under Value Orders Charge 30EUR. Full prepayment is required. Wire transfer only. We can offer significant quantity rebate. All units are new, original packaging only. For details

Part No.SpecificationsMftr.PackUnitLead TimeUnit PriceQTY
CV20076001 TXR40AB00-1206AI-CS-2131 TE 1000 ea contact us 0,20 EUR
CV20076001 TE TXR40AB00-1206AI-CS-2131
CV20186001 TXR40AB90-1407BI-CS-2131 TE 1000 ea contact us 0,38 EUR
CV20186001 TE TXR40AB90-1407BI-CS-2131
CV2042-000 203W301-100-G02/86-0 TE 25 ea contact us 42,47 EUR
CV2042-000 TE 203W301-100-G02/86-0
CV2060-000 HFT5000-40/20-0-65MM TE 3 ea contact us 336,24 EUR
CV2060-000 TE HFT5000-40/20-0-65MM
CV2073-000 HFT5000-20/10-0-180MM TE 16 ea contact us 71,14 EUR
CV2073-000 TE HFT5000-20/10-0-180MM
CV20914001 TXR21AC00-1808AI TE 300 ea contact us 1,18 EUR
CV20914001 TE TXR21AC00-1808AI
CV20922001 TCFS-12-19Q-020-25CH TE 60 ea contact us 1,03 EUR
CV20922001 TE TCFS-12-19Q-020-25CH
CV21064001 TXR76AU45-1206BI TE 150 ea contact us 2,32 EUR
CV21064001 TE TXR76AU45-1206BI
CV21104001 RW-175-E-3/64-X-SP TE 75 m contact us 2,93 EUR
CV21104001 TE RW-175-E-3/64-X-SP
CV21204001 RW-175-E-3/64-X-STK TE 150 m contact us 1,37 EUR
CV21204001 TE RW-175-E-3/64-X-STK
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