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IMPORTANT! Minimum for export is 500 EUR or Under Value Orders Charge 30EUR. Full prepayment is required. Wire transfer only. We can offer significant quantity rebate. All units are new, original packaging only. For details

Part No.SpecificationsMftr.PackUnitLead TimeUnit PriceQTY
EB9456-000 EA000710 TE 25 ea contact us 41,41 EUR
EB9456-000 TE EA000710
EB9456N001 TXR15AZ00-1006AI TE 13 ea contact us 64,49 EUR
EB9456N001 TE TXR15AZ00-1006AI
EB9457-000 PRESS XDCR EB1UM-00000P-05KPA TE 19 ea contact us 50,89 EUR
EB9457-000 TE PRESS XDCR EB1UM-00000P-05KPA
EB9457N001 TXR15AZ00-1008BI TE 25 ea contact us 39,86 EUR
EB9457N001 TE TXR15AZ00-1008BI
EB9460-000 TXR40AZ00-0804AI TE 25 ea contact us 42,05 EUR
EB9460-000 TE TXR40AZ00-0804AI
EB9460N001 TX15AZ00-1608-CS9115 TE 13 ea contact us 75,96 EUR
EB9460N001 TE TX15AZ00-1608-CS9115
EB9461-000 TXR40AZ00-0804BI TE 19 ea contact us 51,70 EUR
EB9461-000 TE TXR40AZ00-0804BI
EB9462-000 TXR40AZ00-1206AI TE 19 ea contact us 52,50 EUR
EB9462-000 TE TXR40AZ00-1206AI
EB9463-000 TXR40AZ00-1206BI TE 19 ea contact us 52,50 EUR
EB9463-000 TE TXR40AZ00-1206BI
EB9464-000 TXR40AZ00-1406AI TE 25 ea contact us 42,71 EUR
EB9464-000 TE TXR40AZ00-1406AI
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